Masih Ingat Dgn Video Si Lelaki Cina Nih..!!! Yg "MENGHINA" islam Tempoh Hari ? Korang Nak Tahu Nasibnya Sekarang?

Footage video: Rude Chinese gangster & his tattoo girlfriend abused and assaulted Amos Yee at Jurong Point. Why nobody helped save him? ‪#‎FreeAmosYee‬ ‪#‎FuckHsienLoong‬

Opinion: Pls spare good thoughts for Amos Yee. He is still a young child. What Chinese gangster and his tattoo girlfriend did against Amos Yee is indeed a wicked deed as it is akin to child abuse. How dare they escape from the police crutch. Why didn't you guys help save him from them? Stop using your smartphones to take photos and videos of the attack. It's not joke. It's not funny. It's not circus. It's not public stunt. It's life and death matter, cuz both are gangsters. Very disappointed in Singaporean's way of using smartphones to take snapshots.

Additional opinion: Singapore has failed. I am very disappointed in arrogant and narrow-minded Singaporeans. Look at Singaporeans' comments saying that he deserved it. Wow, those Singaporeans behaved like children. I could not understand that if you're offended, it doesn't give you the right to physically hurt someone else.

The whole world will see how intellectually bankrupt Singaporeans are. They cannot debate. They only know how to respond to criticism with violence. What indeed an embarrassment!
Supplementary opinion: Everyone has the right to free speech and to criticise any ideas they disagree with. NO ONE should be arrested or persecuted in any way for voicing their opinion. The fact that someone might be offended is no excuse to trample upon a person's fundamental right to free speech and to hold an opinion!

Because no topic should be above criticism or critique. The imprisoning of people for exercising their freedom of speech is the act of a tyrant.

Extra opinion: He is a young kid with intelligent mind but often delivers messages with expletives and obscene acts that he should not do so. Only if he removes vulgarities from his scripts, he would make perfect speeches. Can't be helped. What he can do is to go to either US or UK to enjoy the privileges of freedom of speech. /// I'm indeed disappointed in Singaporeans. Look at their comments. They hilariously mocked and humiliated that little boy, encouraging violence against him based on their comments. I wonder what was wrong with their intellectually bankrupted mindsets. /// Singapore arrested and imprisoned Amos Yee just for hurting religious feelings thanks to draconian laws. SG establishment still wants to persecute him for his ideals or speeches. Is it such a nice way to mute or restrict freedom of speech regardless of profanity level in Singapore? Roy Ngerng or Amos Yee or whoever..